Soslan Aldatov

Soslan Aldatov

  • Surgut, Russia
  • +7 908 8844290



I am a server-side developer, working as a freelancer. So, in short — Python (Flask, Django), PHP (Laravel, Yii), Node.js (Express), MySQL/Postgres/NoSQL(Mongo). And more about me — in my Upwork profile, you can see my job history and customers' reviews there.

You can also find out that a lot of my projects are related to DevOps tasks (CI, deployment, speed optimization, Amazon AWS, Linux) and VoIP (Asterisk, FreeSWITCH) — I like it and I can do it as well.

Some code done by me is available on GitHub. Unfortunately, a lot of my code examples are protected by NDA, so I can just tell you about it or do some test job :)


I've dealt a lot as independed contractor, freelancer - and I keep working this way, you see. But I am looking for full-time job now - I just want to work on something bigger than freelance projects are, to feel myself as a team member and to help implement some great idea to life. And it would be really great to do it remotely.


2009 - 2016

Server-side developer, DevOps

  • Development of web applications, APIs
  • Building HA environments (Azure, AWS), CI, server-side optimization, VoIP-related development

Actually, tasks I've been working on are truly various. There were a lot of development tasks using a lot of technologies and frameworks, from PHP (Yii, Laravel) to Node with Express and even Angular.js, and DevOps tasks like building cloud environments, CI, optimization and troubleshooting on server-side, and also VoIP-related tasks, usually Asterisk-based, and integration tasks too. So, now my experience helps me to do it in a great way, and it became much easier for me to learn something new.


Technologies, platforms

  • Linux
  • Amazon AWS
  • MS Azure
  • SIP
  • Asterisk
  • NoSQL
  • MySQL
  • Postgres
  • CDN

Languages, frameworks

  • Python
  • PHP
  • Node.js
  • Flask
  • Yii/Yii2
  • Express